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Promotion to Assistant Research Professor
Oct 15, 2018
I am very happy to announce my recent promotion to Assistant Research Professor in the delighted Deparment of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. I am affiliated with the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics and the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare and will continue my research on novel techniques for x-ray imaging, machine learning for the interpretation of medical images, and augmented reality for surgical guidance and medical education. I am particularly grateful to my current and previous mentors, including Russell Taylor, Mehran Armand, Nassir Navab, and Andreas Maier for their exceptional support.
Several Awards at MICCAI 2018 including Young Researcher Award
Sep 21, 2018
I am delighted to announce that we brought home one of the five MICCAI Young Researcher Awards for our paper on anatomical landmark detection in pelvic X-rays. Further, we received a Best Paper Award and Second Best Paper Award at the MICCAI Workshop on Computer Assisted and Robotic Endoscopy for our work on single-frame depth estimation and tooltip force prediction, respectively. Finally, I was among the commended reviewers for this meeting. A big Thank you! to everyone who made these successes possible!
Presenting task-aware computer assistance on July 19th during the SAOT Innovation Day in Erlangen.
Jul 19, 2018
I have been invited to give a talk about my recent work at Hopkins to current graduate students and faculty in the Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies.
Excited to speak at Utah's Imaging Elevated Symposium
Jun 14, 2018
I have been invited as one of 12 featured speakers to present at the U of U’s Imaging Elevated Symposium of Emerging Investigators.
Two DELTA Grants Awarded
Jun 7, 2018
We are delighted to announce that both our applications to the new DELTA Grant mechanism were successful! The DELTA award is a very competitive funding mechanism (6 out of 64 proposals funded) that aims at enhancing the on- and off-campus learning experience. We will work with Drs. Tang and Ng, and Dr. Osgood to develop Augmented Reality systems that benefit the training of medical students, residents, and fellows.
5 Papers at MICCAI 2018
May 25, 2018
All our 5 submissions to MICCAI were accepted for presentation (including 3 early accepts!). Check out the full post for more information.


For a comprehensive list of my publications please refer to either my CV or my Google Scholar.


A Magic Mirror for Facial Anatomy Tracking

Personalized augmentation to aid facial anatomy learning.

Augmented Reality for Surgery

Bringing augmented reality environments to surgery.

Educating Surgeons in Complex Pelvic Trauma

Immersive AR to foster understanding of complex spatial relations in fracture reduction.

Machine Learning for Fluoroscopy-guided Procedures

This project aims at pushing the boundaries of interventional image processing. We do so by 1) developing tools that enable machine learning in scenarios where little data is available, and 2) by devising predictive models that benefit intra-operative decision making.